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Romance & Money

Valentine’s Day is approaching and although few people are called Bálint or Valentina, many people celebrate this day. By the way, I was looking for some American surveys of the relationship between love and money in relationships. According to a survey by, 23% of men and 41% of women ( more… )

Non-interest loan

No direct disadvantage for the creditors by repaying a non-interest-bearing loan. In the late summer of 2002, the owner of the EES company applied for a loan of 200,000.00 from the F√∂rderinstitut Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which was paid in January 2003. The EE-GmbH had to assign a claim for an investment premium ( more… )

Loan calculator

Credit calculator The simple loan calculator calculates for annuities, repayable loans and installment. Credit Calculator Lets the necessary short- or longer-term liquidity situation to be desired, but the purchases and expenses can not be deferred, a loan is often an uncomplicated solution. However, to get the loan with the best ( more… )

Increase of the loan

Why is she offering a wage increase without checking first? Applying for a barclay card and clever increase in the credit limit. With the existing customer the subsequent increase of a current loan is offered. Banks Often, the customer ratings confirmed that the vehicle loan was in the bank account ( more… )